Dear Friends and Neighbors of Ward 4

This November as you choose who will represent you on City Council, I encourage you to think of council as a team and decide which candidate will provide the most impact for you.

Experience and Impact

“Joe, whenever you get involved with something, you always make it better.”

-Chelsea Churpek (My Wife)

That vote of confidence from the person who knows me best is what ultimately convinced me to run for a position on our City Council. I do want to make things better by nature. I am a fixer and a problem-solver. Not only that, I care very deeply about doing what is just and right. I believe these are the personal characteristics of a good public servant, but let me also describe my qualifications.

I have managed a successful business which is not possible without fiscal responsibility. I also have a Master’s degree related to governance and healthy communities. This unique combination of business acumen and interest in human relations has led me to a career in service. I work each day providing business counsel to non-profits that feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and much more, increasing their capacity to do good for our world. Meanwhile, my business has grown by more than 20% each of the last five years.

Your next Ward 4 City Council representative will join a team with over 30 years of city government experience. With the long-term experience being retained in other seats, this election is the right time to introduce a new perspective and renew council’s passion to work hard for you.

The first impact you will feel if I am elected to office is that I will introduce the addition of public office hours with your councilperson twice per month. With set dates and times, you can walk in and speak to me about your concerns. In addition, I am pledging to return all phone calls within 48-hours. Your elected officials serve at your discretion and should always be available to you.

Real Issues, Real Solutions

What matters most in representing you is the issues we face together and the impact that can be made by your council. I believe the city must be held accountable to its stated mission: to partner with the community to deliver services, conserve resources, protect quality of life and plan for the future. Click here to read my plan for each of these promises.


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